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Data Visualization

Within the framework of Building EQ, the minimal data set for all of the demonstration buildings is collected and an analysis is carried out.

The data for the individual buildings can be accessed through the database and a visual presentation is provided. All vistors to the website can select and view the available data at the following address: (important: without www!)

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Measurement data

In the project Building EQ, the measurement data acquisition is an automated process. The data is collected by means of the building process control technique or a separate data logger and stored centrally at Fraunhofer ISE.... more


Visualization Tools

In addition to the data, you can view selected graphs for each of the buildings in the measurement data base:

Time series

This is the classic way to present measurement data in time series.... more

Carpet Plots

Using carpet plots, high-resolution time measurements (e.g. in hourly values) can be portrayed over longer periods of time..... more

Scatter Plots

Using scatter plots, the reciprocative dependence of two or more measurement values can be portrayed.... more

German Version of data visualization




Download the explanation for data visualization pdf-file (558 kB)