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District Hospital, Hagenow (Germany)

Building owner
The district of Ludwigslust is situated in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in North-East Germany. With an area about 2,500 km², it is the fourth largest district within Germany, although the population is only about 130,000.

The hospital is occupied by the owner.

The building is used as a typical hospital with rooms for patients, operating rooms, a kitchen and office rooms.

Building concept
The hospital is composed of three buildings: 1) the original building which was renovated between 1999 and 2002, 2) the new wing which was constructed between  1994 and 1998 and 3) a functional building that hosts the central heating plant.

HVAC concept
The building has its own central heating building which provides heat for the hospital. The boiler was replaced in 1995. Heat recovery is available for the ventilation system.

General data

Owner District Ludwigslust
Year of erection 1995
Use Hospital
Net floor area 16.000 m²
Number of beds 172
Consumption of electricity 1.620.000 kWh/a
  101 kWh/m²a
Consumption of heating 3.250.000 kWh/a
  203 kWh/m²a
HVAC equipment heating, cooling, air conditioning,
  ventilation, building automation system
Energy source gas

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Total view
Housing for central heating system
heating system