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Duka house, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Building owner
AP Fastigheter is Swedens largest property company with around 3.4 million m² property floor area and locations in Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö, Lund and Gothenburg. Office and retail buildings dominate the building stock of AP Fastigheter. AP Fastigheter owns, manages and constructs buildings.

Duka Home AB and Aniaragymnasiet (Affärseffekt Evert Jansson AB)

Two bottom floors of retail with home furnishing, mainly china, glasses, cutlery, etc. The two upper floors with a private upper secondary school (Aniaragymnasiet).

HVAC concept
District heating: Hydronic radiator systems, one for floors 1 and 2, one for floors 3 and 4.
District cooling: Floor 1 and 2: fan coil units in the ceiling and chilled supply air. Floor 3 and 4: chilled supply air.
Ventilation: Air handling unit on the attic, floor 5. Balanced ventilation with air-to-air heat exchanger. Constant pressure control of the supply and exhaust air fans. Combined air heating/cooling coil supplied from the district heating and cooling substations.

General data


AP Fastigheter

Year of erection

1810, refurbishment 1995, 2003


Retail, offices

Net floor area

1.770 m²

Consumption of property electricity 

62.000 kWh

35 kWh/(m²a)

Consumption of heating/cooling

230.000 kWh

130 kWh/(m²a)

HVAC equipment

heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning,

building automation system

Energy source

district heating/cooling

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heating distribution
yearly consumption data
monthly consumption data
system of air handling unit
heating system