Building EQ
Member Area

Demonstration Buildings

The consortium will evaluate the developed methods and tools in at least 12 demonstration buildings from the 4 participating countries.
In order to prepare an energy certificate (Asset Rating) for the building, data on the building envelope and the heating, cooling and ventilation systems will be gathered in detail. The certificate will be prepared by the project team. Based on the certification, first recommendations regarding an energetic optimisation of the buildings can be made. The building owner must provide the required data and documents.

See an overview of the certificates here.

Multi Purpose Building

Stuttgart (Germany)

District Hospital

Hagenow (Germany)


Düsseldorf (Germany)


Essen (Germany)

State Treasury

Helsinki (Finland)

Engineering Department

Espoo (Finland)

Aurora 2

Joensuu (Finland)

Senate Headquaters

Helsinki (Finland)

Informatic systems

Milan (Italy)

Lecture Halls

Milan (Italy)

Electronics Department

Milan (Italy)

Duka House

Gothenburg (Sweden)


Gothenburg (Sweden)

Building properties
Only existing non-residential buildings with a net floor area greater than 3,000 m² are considered.
The year of construction is not important. The building should have a minimum amount of HVAC equipment. Besides a heating system, at least a ventilation system and/or a cooling plant or an air-conditioning system should be installed. The building should be equipped with a building automation system (BAS). In close collaboration, the project team and the building owner will identify a building that meets these requirements.