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Energy certificate Kreuzgebšude (operational rating)



Year of erection:




Reference parameter:

net floor area

Energy type:

primary energy

Calculation method:

operational rating



heating: 85 kWh/m≤a

electricity: 50 kWh/m≤a

Reference values:



heating: 140 kWh/m≤

electricity: 55 kWh/m≤



space heating, hot water,

airing, cooling, lighting

See the results from the asset rating.

Read about the certification process in general in Germany.


Result of certificate

The asset rating delivers an actual value for the primary energy demand that is even below the benchmark for new constructions. That is mainly due to the low primary energy factor of the district heat (0,7) and relatively high benchmark values. However, the asset rating gives the impression that the performance of the building is quite good.

The operational rating delivers a completely different picture. The energy consumption of the building is rated as medium looking at the slide ruler. The electric energy consumption is even slightly higher than the reference building.

Even considering that asset and operational rating references diferent kind of energies (primary or end energy respectively) they don't seem to be comparable. Further investigation will be done in the framework of Building EQ.

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Page 1: General data and picture of building
Page 2: Total primary energy demand
Page 3: Primary energy consumption for heating and electricity
Page 4: Explanation
Page 5: Recommendations for renovation
Page 6: Energy consumption and zoning