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Multi-Purpose Building, Stuttgart (Germany)

Building owner

With 35,000 km² Baden-Württemberg is the third largest country situated in the south-west of Germany. It has a population of 11 million, and about 600,000 people live in its capital Stuttgart.

The building is used by the University of Stuttgart.

The building is used to help research groups overcome shortages of both office or laboratory space. Therefore, we observe a frequent change of use. As a result, this requires more elaborate technologies to adapt the HVAC system operation to the temporary energy demand.

Building concept
The building is quite new and therefore does not show any major deficiencies. It is constructed according to the German building regulations applicable in 1995. It has a total of 4 floors  and a net floor area of 9,100 m². There is a large exhibition hall in the center of the building. It is surrounded by laboratories and offices.

HVAC concept
The HVAC concept is flexible so that it can be adapted for different uses. Presently the air flow rate reaches a value up to 50,000 m3/h. It divides into the 4 main utilisation areas: technical rooms, laboratories, hall and offices and other rooms. Heat is provided by the central heating station of the campus.

General data

Owner Baden-Württemberg
Year of erection 1995
Use University
Net floor area 9.150 m²
Consumption of electricity 566.000 kWh/a
  62 kWh/m²a
Consumption of heating 739.000 kWh/a
  81 kWh/m²a
Consumption of cooling 98.000 kWh/a
  11 kWh/m²a
HVAC equipment heating, cooling, air conditioning,
  ventilation, building automation system
Energy source district heating and cooling

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