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Senate Headquarters, Helsinki (Finland)

Building owner
Senate Properties is a government owned enterprise under the aegis of the Finnish Ministry of Finance and is responsible for managing the Finnish state's property assets and for letting premises. Senate Properties provides services related to premises, primarily to customers which form part of the state administration. The services include leasing premises, investments, and the administration and development of the property portfolio.  As a business enterprise, Senate Properties finances its own operations and is not dependent on the state budget. The building stock comprises university, office, research, cultural and other buildings.

The building is occupied by the owner.

The Senate properties Headquarters is used as an office building. The rooms are mostly open offices including conference rooms and canteen.

Building concept
The building is a former grain mill with huge storage silos. The building consists of 9 floors, ventilation rooms and basement and it is in L-shape.  As much as possible the old structures are maintained. For example elevators are placed into old grain silos. The floors are mainly open office. The double facade of the open officies is made from new steel structures.

HVAC concept

General data

Owner Senate Properties
Year of erection 1934 (renovated 2002)
Use Office Building
Net floor area 11.350 m²
Consumption of electricity 860.000 kWh/a
  76 kWh/(m²a)
Consumption of heating 1.400.000 kWh/a
  123 kWh/(m²a)
HVAC equipment heating, cooling, air conditioning,
  building automation system
Energy source district heating

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Total view
Front view, elevators and ventilation ducts installed in old silos
Glas facade in the inner yard
Cantine on the top floor with a terrasse
Foyer, main entrance
Typical open office floor
Foyer with old concrete pillars

pictures by: Jussi Tiainen