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Monitoring Survey - NOW COMPLETED!

We are interested in your opinion about monitoring and would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions:

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Question 1

Do you agree with the following statement? "For energy efficient building operation, it is necessary to continuously monitor, using a high time resolution, the most important energy consumption and operating parameters."
If you answered no, state your reason


Question 2

In your opinion, what is an acceptable expense budget for covering the costs of the additional data acquisition equipment needed for continuous monitoring?


Question 3

In your opinion, what is a acceptable expense budget for covering the necessary servicing costs associated with monitoring?


Question 4

The following functions are presently being developed, or tested. Which of the following do you think is especially useful or most practical?
Please enter a value from 1 (very useful/very practically relevant) to 5 (not at all useful/not at all practically relevant).


4. a) automatic testing of the daily energy and water consumption, indicating out of range values with an alarm


4. b) predetermined visualization of the collected data for manual error detection


4. c) automatic error detection of typical "errors" (eg. Erroneous or abnormal operating times) using rule-based systems


4. d) Model-based analysis/optimization using simplified models of the building and system technology

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