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The BuildWise project is aimed at developing a hardware/software technology platform to support holistic environmental & energy management in buildings. Novel viewing scenarios, rule sets, measurement sets and data streams are to be incorporated into an integrated technology platform utilizing novel visualization techniques, building information models, data warehousing methodologies and wireless sensor networks.

The German EnOB-Programm that is supported by the federal ministry for economics is promoting energy efficient buildings, retrofit as well as new constructions.

IEA ECBCS Annex 46 - Holistic Assessment Tool-kit on Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures for Government Buildings (EnERGo)
The scope is to influence the decision making process that determines the use of energy-saving measures in building retrofits of Government non-residential buildings: e.g., office buildings, hospitals, large one-storey production facilities and maintenance shops and speciality warehouses.

IEA ECBCS Annex 47 - Cost-effective Commissioningfor Existing and Low Energy Buildings
The IEA - ECBCS Annex 47 seeks to enable the effective commissioning of existing and future buildings to improve their operating performance.

Performance Metrics Research Project
This project is a U.S. Department of Energy commercial buildings research activity to standardize the measurement and characterization of building energy performance.