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The building sector (residential and non-residential) is responsible for almost 40% of the European end energy consumption. The saving potential ranges between 5 -30% with commissioning and optimisation of building performance in non-residential buildings.
The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) prescribes an energy performance certificate for buildings. According to the national implementations of the EPBD the specific data of the building will be gathered during the certification process. These data can be valuable information for a continuous evaluation of the energy performance of the building (continuous commissioning).

Today, after the certification, usually there is no continuous evaluation of the building performance in order to reach or maintain an energy-efficient operation. As a result the performance of buildings is often poor and does not represent the energetic / economic optimum, regardless an optimal envelope and service system design.

A continuous commissioning process is seen as a prerequisite for the persistence of high energy performance of buildings. Its practical implementation is constrained by a lack of data and cost.